Volunteer Resources for VFC Staff

A place to share documents, thoughts, and ideas in order to improve the experience of each of our volunteers and the quality of service that is provided to our patients.

VFC Staff FAQs Regarding Volunteers

I have someone that is interested in volunteering. What are the next steps? Please note that volunteers cannot simply complete an online application. Please review the following scenarios and assess which channel would work best for your candidate:

  • FAST TRACK VOLUNTEERS: For potential volunteers you want to place into a specific role (ex. interns or someone that you want to work alongside your department), please have them complete the Fast Track Application
  • GENERAL VOLUNTEERS: For potential volunteers that just generally want to get involved, please have them sign up for a New Volunteer Info Session by visiting our website. These Info Sessions occur during the first week of each month and review all of the different opportunity we have to offer. Their volunteer application will be sent to them after they attend an Info Session
  • VOLUNTEER PROVIDERS: In order to minimize the barriers for entry, potential Volunteer Providers are able to submit an online application at any time by visiting our website: Application Process for Medical Providers

My son/daughter, nephew/niece, or other family member is interested in volunteering with the Clinic. How do they get started? As a general rule, we ask that relatives of VFC staff refrain from volunteering alongside their family members. If you have a family member that is interested in volunteering, please send them attend a New Volunteer Info Session or connect them to the Volunteer Services Manager directly. Please note that this does not apply to any one-time special events.

How do I request volunteer assistance (one-time or on-going roles)? Please complete the Request for New Volunteer and email VFCvolunteer@mednet.ucla.edu.

How do I check the schedule or contact information for volunteers in my department? Following the directions outlined here: How to View Your Volunteer Schedule and Info

What do I do if I am experiencing an issue with one or more of my volunteers? Our number one priority is to ensure that volunteers are supporting the Clinic and staff in a meaningful and constructive way. If you are ever experiencing any issues with one or more volunteers, please contact us immediately. We will assess the situation, consult with the volunteer(s), and address the concerns with our Volunteer Performance Management Tool, coaching, or termination as needed.

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