Health Care Professions Graduate School Toolkit

Welcome, to Venice Family Clinic’s Health Care Professions Toolkit!

Here you will find information and resources to support individuals that are interested in applying for graduate programs that focus on Health Care Professions – ie. Medical School, Nursing School, Dental School, PA School, and more!

Advice from VFC Volunteers for VFC Volunteers – Our volunteers are our best resource!  We hope that this toolkit will help our existing volunteers navigate the gauntlet that is the graduate school application process.

Volunteers who are leaving to medical school are invited, and encouraged, to share their experiences and offer up tips, hints, tricks, and other advice!


  • Stage 3: Applications & the Waiting Game 

    • Secondary Applications

  • Stage 5: Acceptance (hopefully)!

    • General Tips, Advice & Motivation!


More Resources:

  • Alumni Panel (2016)


We wish you all the best of luck!