Volunteer Dress Code

APPLIES TO ALL STAFF and VOLUNTEERS, however, exceptions for religious practice may be made.

  • General Appearance:
    • Employees must wear their UCLA ID badge at all times on the upper third of their body
    • Shoes must be professional, clean, have closed toes and not present a safety hazard
    • Hair must be clean and neat. For clinical staff, hair longer than shoulder length must be held back off the face.
    • Beards, goatees and mustaches are acceptable if trimmed and well kept
    • Fingernails must be clean, groomed and moderate in color and length. Artificial nails, tips and/or fillers are not permitted by those providing direct care to the patient, including where food is prepared
    • Body tattoos and body piercing should be discreet, professional and not pose a safety hazard.
    • Jewelry must look professional and not interfere with safety or performing assigned functions.
    • Employees are expected to maintain good personal hygiene such that body odor, smoke or other odors are not detectable
    • Fragrances or use of scented products should be used conservatively and in a manner that is considerate of our patients, co-workers, customers and visitors and may be prohibited where they may have an adverse effect on patients or other staff members.
  • ATTIRE should be professional, business-appropriate and should not include the following:
    • Shorts, athletic/exercise attire
    • Hats, caps, or other material on the head or neck except as medically necessary for specific clinical staff. Exceptions to this rule may be permitted on a case-by-case basis for religious purposes
    • Tight shirts and tank tops worn as an outer garment
      Additionally, attire must not expose backs, midriff, shoulders, undergarments or cleavage
  • Patient care staff members may wear scrubs which are expected to be properly laundered and pressed
  • Providers may wear white lab-style coats which are expected to be properly laundered and pressed
  • Security staff members must wear white collared shirts with black pants that are properly laundered and pressed

Based on VFC Work Rules (June 2016)