Post-Volunteer Info Session

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Step 1. Complete a HIPAA Certification and Print/Save Your Certificate of Completion:

A)  Link to Training:

B) You will be linked to a quiz after completing the training above.

  • You will need to generate a temporary ID towards the end of the process.
  • Enter your full name, date of birth, and select “VOLUNTEER” from the drop-down menu next to “Classification”.

C) Save a pdf copy of your HIPAA Certificate and submit to Volunteer Services. A link to the certificate will not be sufficient.

There are several of pages of policies to read/click through at the end of the training presentation.  You will need to click through all of the pages, and then a link for the HIPAA quiz will come up at the end.

Step 2. Complete a Volgistics Volunteer Application

  • You will need to enter your HIPAA Certificate Number in order to complete the application

Step 3Review the VFC Volunteer FAQs webpage and the VFC Volunteer Code of Conduct:

  • HoursPlease sign in and out each time you come in to volunteer for Venice Family Clinic.Volunteers are responsible for tracking their service hours and can check VFC secures grants and tax breaks due to the service hours contributed by our volunteers. As much as possible, please use the electronic timeclock to document your hours. This way, your service history will be up-to-date and available for viewing online. If the timeclock is not functioning, please defer to the paper timesheets. For more detailed information and photos of this process, please click here: How to Sign In.
  • Dress Code + Name Badge: You are representing the entire Venice Family Clinic team while you are on site as a volunteer. We ask that volunteers dress is “Smart Casual” or “Business” Attire, avoiding overly revealing, baggy, or otherwise unprofessional clothing. Unprofessional clothing includes shorts, sweat pants, and exercise clothes (the only exception would be volunteers assisting with exercise classes. Name badges are to be worn at all times while on site at VFC.
  • Patient Privacy: Volunteers must adhere to our strict HIPAA and patient privacy standards. Refrain from taking photos or videos in patient populated areas.
  • Cell Phone: Please refrain from using your cell phone during your volunteer service hours. If there is an emergency or you otherwise need to use your phone, please excuse yourself from your station and return when your phone call is complete. Overuse of cell phones during your services hours may be grounds for dismissal.
  • Attendance – Please email and cc your Site Supervisor on all schedule-related messages. Outside of illness and other extenuating circumstances, please note that we ask volunteers to let us know at least two business days in advance of any missed shift and we keep a record of your attendance. We consider this information when reviewing your fitness for our volunteer program (your current involvement and potential for other roles) and when we write recommendations for schools, employers, and etc.
  • Temporary Leave and End of Service: Please email and your site supervisor for any planned or unplanned changes to your involvement with Venice Family Clinic. This enables us to have an accurate idea of our filled and unfilled needs. This also alerts us to any action items such as changing your volunteer status, sending you our end-of-service survey, and deactivating associate accounts.
  • Minimum Commitment:We require volunteer to commit to volunteer with us for 4 shifts per month for at least 6 months. You may serve more than the miminum requirement depending on the Clinic’s schedule needs. Failure to meet the minimum requirement may result in temporary leave or dismissal from the program.

Step 4.  Sign up for a Registration Day + Interview!