How to View Your Service History

You can view your service history, update your profile, schedule yourself for a shift, and check your schedule at any time by logging into Volgistics!



Here, you will log-in using your email address and your password that you created while filling out your online application.

Once logged in, please go to the Service History tab.

Service History


You can then click on the year to see a detailed breakdown of your service history for that year.

Service History by Year

Service History by Date

Please feel free to click on the Printable View button to make a copy of your service history.

Service History FAQ:

  • What should I do if there is a discrepancy in my service history? Please feel free to contact the Volunteer Services Department at should you have any questions or concerns regarding your service history.
  • Why do I only have 2 hours listed on my service history? This means you may have forgotten to clock out. Volgistics will only credit volunteers with two hours of service history should they fail to clock out.
  • Why are some hours missing from my service history? If you used the paper timesheets, there will be some delay in getting these hours entered into the system.